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I am a filmmaker born in the south of Germany who now lives in Cologne. In my childhood I discovered my passion to tell stories in different ways. In the first place, I started making little audiobooks, writing stories and filming. With my first Super-8 camera, at the age of 12. 


As part of the camera department I was lucky enough to work on bigger feature film productions like "Hanna", "Ghost Hunters: On Icy Trails", “no place to go" or "Generation War". 


As a German cinematographer, I am known for my work in the German indie film community. Also for my commercials work with clients like Fielmann, and Loreal, as well as my music video work for Kollektive Turmstrasse - "Kontakt". 


Additionally, as a camera operator, I am well versed in operating Gear Heads, Gimbals, and Steadicam. 


In the 20 years that I have been part of the film industry, I also began to discover my interest and talent for directing. 


I love the energy of teamwork to create the perfect film illusion. 

I hope to meet you at the next big project.